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The Importance of the Therapy Space

The physical environment we are in affects our thoughts, mood and and feelings. This is especially important in the therapy space where the setting and the room itself may affect the the entire therapeutic experience of the client and of the therapist too. The room and it's location, environment, layout, decor, colours, furniture arrangement, lighting and ambience can consciously and unconsciously influence a clients thoughts, mood and behaviour. This in turn can affect the clients sense of safety, feelings of comfort, intimacy and their ability to relax and feel able to fully communicate. The room should be a space where both the client and therapist can feel equally comfortable, safe therefore able to develop a trusting therapeutic relationship.

My offices at Warrington Business Park which is located is located on the edge of Warrington town centre, conveniently set between the M62, M6 & M56 motorways, with easy access to the inter city rail networks & both Manchester & Liverpool. There is plenty of free and private car parking.
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