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Sports Psychotherapy


Sports Psychotherapy works with athletes and performers from many walks of life many to support their mental health during and after their career. It focusses on work with the additional pressures common in sports and art performance such as coping with external pressure and expectation, competition and or performance anxiety, injury and rehabilitation, fear of success, fear of failure, lack of motivation, training problems, abuse, burnout, drug use, career endings, transition out of sport and many other difficult feelings and issues that those in sport and the arts find problematic and distressing, often stopping them from becoming who they really are and who they truly can become. 


Clients will also work where relevant on non sports related issues such as inter personal relationships, historic issues, change of circumstances, loss of identity, general anxiety, depression, and grief etc. Sports and non sport related issues can be worked on together to create a more complete awareness of self and the ability to move forward in life.


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