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Feeling Stressed ?

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

We all get stressed, there are so many triggers that can stress us out. Especially at the current time with all the financial concerns upon us and with so much uncertainty and trouble in the world. It seems that we cannot escape bad news from all types of social media and at work and school, our underlying concerns are being ramped up. Just coping with busy lives, work, family, finances and lifes' daily challenges can feel overwhelming right now.

Not all stress is bad though, did you know that it produces a chemical reaction that allows you to act rapidly to protect yourself when the body feels threatened. It can keep us safe and allows us to use our 'fight or flight" response quickly. It can help us focus and get things done when we have a deadline too. In fact stress is a very necessary part of our lives.

However we are only designed to experience short periods of stress, so long term or 'chronic' stress can have a very detrimental effect mentally and physically. Stress is of course different for all of us and what stresses one person might not stress another, equally the effect on each of us can be different. In some cases the effects of stress may appear similar to those caused by medical conditions. Some of us get so used to stress that over time we don't recognise it until we are at a physical or mental health crisis point. For some this stress can have debilitating consequences for our physical and mental health leaving us feeling depressed or ill constantly.

Here are just some of the things to watch out for that mean it might be harmful stress you're experiencing :-

Emotional feelings: anxious, angry, moody, out of control, can't relax, lonely, worthless, anti-social, tearful, low self esteem, low confidence, can't be bothered

Physical feelings: tired, headache, dizzy, nauseous, muscular aches, racing heart, lots of colds or infections, loss of libido, shaking, sweating, dry mouth, clenched jaw, teeth grinding

Thoughts: constant worry, racing thoughts, forgetfulness, lack of focus, negative thoughts

Behaviour: not eating enough or eating too much, putting things off, not taking responsibility, using drugs or alcohol or smoking, fidgeting, nail biting

If you or a loved one is feeling overwhelmed by stress always consult your G.P. to rule out any other health conditions. Your G.P. can also refer you to a number of different types of therapy and therapists who can help you better manage your stress.

Talking to someone is always the single best course of action to help you.

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